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Unilever calls out ‘lazy’ brand and agency marketers for creating stereotypical ads

Some might say we are witnessing a social and political “awakening”. So, what is a brand’s role or responsibility in fostering this change in social awareness”? We’ve seen how Nike recently made a bold and disruptive social statement. Now, Unilever is fighting stereotypes in advertising, marketing, and branding with an “Unstereotype” campaign.

If brands, advertisers, and marketers work to remove stereotypes from their campaigns and communications, will we see a change socially, in our day-to-day interactions, with each other? Can they foster socially evolution? I say yes.

A brand does more than just tell us how to think or feel about a product or service. Brands like Nike or Apple (and the advertisers, marketers, and strategic thinkers behind them) help shape our culture, as a whole. I believe thoughtful, forward thinking, and socially aware campaigns can not only change the way we think about a product or service, they can also change the way we see and feel about each other.

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