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Visualizing the Inclusive Future of Streaming: The Birth of VSYN+

The creation of VSYN+, a streaming platform designed for the American Sign Language (ASL) community, was inspired by a client’s forward-thinking initiative. As the Executive Creative Director at La Visual, my role extended beyond merely conveying this vision; it involved a nuanced understanding and fulfillment of the emotional and rational needs of nearly 30 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the U.S. This project was not just about innovation in accessibility; it was about creating a space where every user feels seen, understood, and valued.

Evoking Deep Emotional Connections

At the heart of VSYN+ lay the aspiration to evoke feelings of empowerment, confidence, connection, engagement, and excitement. These emotional goals steered every decision, from content curation to platform design, ensuring that VSYN+ was more than just a streaming service—it was a source of inspiration and pride for the community. Our approach balanced the tangible with the emotional, creating a space where users felt not only catered to but also understood and valued.

Realizing the Brand Strategy

The desired perceptions of VSYN+ as entertaining, immersive, relevant, trusted, unique, unapologetically authentic, high-quality, and innovative were the guiding stars of our development process. By focusing on creating a large mix of content genres, experiential information, accessible viewing, and real stories, we aimed to redefine the standards of quality entertainment. Our positioning statement, “The streaming service for immersive, quality entertainment created by the ASL community for everyone,” encapsulated this vision, positioning VSYN+ as a pioneer—the Vanguard in the landscape of digital media.

Manifesting the Brand Promise and Essence

VSYN+’s brand promise, “Revolutionizing entertainment for the deaf community,” was a declaration of our commitment to innovation and quality. It reflected our dedication to pushing boundaries and enhancing the user experience through technology. The essence of VSYN+ as “The Vanguard” was evident in every facet of the platform, from its content to its user interface, embodying a forward-thinking and leadership stance in accessible entertainment.

Communicating with Authenticity and Confidence

The voice of VSYN+—confident, thoughtful, excited, positive, and human—was carefully crafted to resonate with our audience. It was about more than conveying information; it was about building relationships and fostering a community. Our strategic and creative efforts were geared towards ensuring that every interaction with VSYN+ reinforced our key emotional benefit of empowerment, making every user feel like a valued member of a larger narrative.

Reflecting on Our Collective Achievement

The launch of VSYN+ marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating more inclusive digital spaces. Through strategic insight, creative collaboration, and a deep commitment to the brand’s core values, we have established a platform that not only meets the rational and emotional needs of its audience but also sets a new benchmark for authenticity and innovation in the streaming industry. VSYN+ stands as a testament to what can be achieved when we listen to, respect, and empower the communities we serve.

Digital Assets

From Consultation to Collaboration

Incorporating the valuable insights and creative perspectives of deaf and hard-of-hearing designers and other members of the community into the VSYN+ project was a pivotal element of our strategy. Their contributions went beyond mere consultation; they played an integral role in shaping the brand, ensuring that it truly resonated with the ASL community. 

This partnership facilitated a deeper understanding of the emotional and rational needs of our audience, enabling us to craft a brand that wasn’t just accessible, but deeply empathetic and engaging. Their expertise and lived experiences enriched our creative process, infusing VSYN+ with authenticity and making it a genuine reflection of the community it serves.