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DC Entertainment: Multi-channel Fan Engagement

As the Founder and Creative Director of At Play Creative, my team and I crafted a strategy that was designed to attract a broad audience, blending the rich history and iconic characters of DC with cutting-edge storytelling techniques and digital platforms, aiming to spark new levels of fan engagement and community building.

Brand Promise Reimagined

With the new brand promise, “Inspiring Heroism in Every Heart,” DC Comics reaffirms its commitment to not just entertain but inspire. This guiding principle permeates all aspects of the brand, from content creation to fan interactions, emphasizing DC Comics’ dedication to empowering stories that unite and inspire a global audience.

Authentic Communication

The refocused communication strategy prioritizes authenticity and vision, ensuring every message from DC Comics reflects its core values of heritage, innovation, and inclusivity. This approach is aimed at forging stronger connections with fans, inviting them to be part of DC Comics’ evolving journey through the world of storytelling.

Reflecting on Progress

This period marks a pivotal chapter in the legacy of DC Comics, showcasing a steadfast commitment to embracing change while staying true to its roots. The strategic renewal signifies DC Comics’ adaptability and dedication to leading the way in entertainment, setting new standards for how stories can connect us all.

Con Away From Con":
Uniting DC Fans Worldwide

At the heart of “Con Away From Con” was the promise of real-time connection. The campaign curated and delivered content as it unfolded, allowing fans to experience the thrill of ComicCon from the comfort of their homes. Featuring diverse content categories such as DC University, We Can Be Heroes, 5.2 Questions, Character Spotlights, and more, the campaign offered a rich tapestry of insights, stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the DC Universe.

DC Fan Family:
Bridging Generations Through Iconic Stories

In an endeavor to captivate the hearts of both seasoned aficionados and the next generation of enthusiasts, the “DC Fan Family” campaign was conceived as a bridge between DC-loving parents and their children. This initiative was not merely a marketing strategy; it was a heartfelt invitation to families to delve into the realm of superheroes, villains, and timeless narratives that have shaped the DC Universe.


We had the privilege and honor of creating the iconic Bat-Signal that lit up Los Angeles City Hall in tribute to late Caped Crusader, Adam West.The gigantic 70 ft by 20 ft emblem was projected on the side of city hall for several hours. “Batman” fans flocked to the area to watch Mayor of Los Angeles send up the signal. 


The Social Media-Savvy Woman

Iconic female characters were at the center of the “DC You” concept.  The reimagined heroes featured a new style and attitude that was tailored to a modern, mostly-female audience. We conceived and designed a series of assets for use on Instagram and other social media channels, to engage a mostly female, social media-savvy audience.

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